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#10 Dirty Dancing

You’re super turned on, right? Unfortunately we both know that has nothing to do with Jennifer Grey.

#9 Fight Club

Watching Fight Club will leave you with two thoughts in your head. “I need to find an outlet for my pent up rage.” And “Wow, Brad Pitt’s abs....”   -A dangerous combination.  

#8 Saturday Night Fever

You don’t even have to watch Saturday night Fever to turn full-on gay. Just listen to the soundtrack and you’ll find yourself thinking about the feel of another man’s beard on your face.

#7 Swingers

Swingers is sneaky cause it only makes you a little gay at first. Watch for the first symptom -calling all your friends Baby. Baby, it gets worse from there, baby.

#6 Road House

CAUTION: Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott will make your dick move. Guaranteed.  

#5 Boogie Nights

It doesn’t matter how straight you are. Boogie nights will make you sit there for 3 hours, hoping to catch a glimpse of that 13 inch penis. 

#4 Legends Of The Fall

Be careful with Legends of the Fall. You might watch it with a girl someday and not realize the danger. But before you know it -you can’t get off unless your girlfriend gets behind you with a vibrator and makes you call her Tristan.   

#3 300

Go ahead and try to resist 117 minutes of oiled up abs and man on man wartime sex innuendo. It’s impossible.

#2 Beefy Bangers

I know what you’re thinking “If the way I feel after watching Beefy Bangers is gay then I don’t want to be straight".  And that’s how they get you! 

#1 Top Gun

Arguably the most gay-contagious movie of all time. No straight man can withstand the devastating mix of fighter jets, testosterone, volleyball, motorcycles, locker rooms, the Navy and best friends. If you don’t want to be gay, Do Not Watch Top Gun!