Lets talk about sex.
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Daffney Unger

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Crazy in the head means crazy in bed. So am in ! 

Cherry Bomb

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Man i wish i would have popped her Cherry because she is all that and a bag of rubbers. 

College Women

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Because they will give anything the old college try because there down for trying anything once you dig };-) 

Kelly Kelly

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YES ! YES ! YES ! YES ! YES ! An that's what she said ! SHE SAiD ! O ! O ! O ! O ! 

Christine "The Freak" O'donnell

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Because am a cherry popper. ( O you know she loves the cock ! ) 

Dumb Sluts

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Because there dumb enuff to sleep around with people like us bros. 

Cryogenically Frozen Women

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 She might be cold harted but at she doesn't back talk.  Hey talk about your blue balls !

Rave bitches

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A it's always a party and everyone is cumming ! So lets dance ! 

Lesbian Women

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Keep drinking and all lesbian women become bi. 3 way all the way baby ! 

Katarina Waters

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She is a good actress so she can make me feel better about myself in the sack so am down for making her waters flow. 

Very fucking pissed off women

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They fuck the best. An i don't care if your on your . 

Robot women

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Because they do as there told ! An they can't get praggers ! As far as i know anyways. 

Dead beat Moms

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Am into partying there into partying i don't have kids they act like they don't have kids so everythings works out. An if i do get her praggers i don't have to worry about it because there just going to kill there baby anyways so am free ! So lets fuck the night away ! 

Crack Heads

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Because there the masters at sucking dicks and that's just a fact. So line up ! 

Athena Reese

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Did she when that for being the best at fucking ? Because she looks it ! 

Shelly Martinez

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Suck me dry me lady ! 

Angel Dust

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A let me dust dat ass ! An i hook you up with some PCP. 

Taeler Hendrix

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Miss. Hendrix can suck my fat hard hairy dick any time said Mr. 69. 


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The older the cougar the sweeter the juice ];-) ( Yes am talking about drinking pussy \ ass juice just so you know where am cumming from mates. ) 

Drunk ass bitches

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Easy Street her i cum baby ! 

Alien Women

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Hey if they look human and feel human am going to beat them guts like it's going out of style my friends. UF-HO ! 

Mia Yim

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Hey baby you wanna wrassle ! ?

Jodie Anthony

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She is Killer in the sack O !  Sex + Pain = Loads of Cum i mean FUN ! 

Mail Order Brides

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Anything to get the Hell up out of Russia !  Am i right women from Russia or am so right ! Up top ! 

Hurt and injured women

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They need sex even more than we do so lets help them out and will all cum together right now over you boo ! Yeah man good times good times. 

Barbi Hayden

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Talk about a KO total diva that can get down an dirty as Hell bros. A + Hottie. 

Sassy Stephie

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So SASSY ! O YES ! Beat me off an beat me up at the same time baby ! 


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She just loves a good fisting ! One in the bum bum and one in the pussy my lady. 

Porn Stars

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Well i always wanted to be in the movies. + you can do a whole lot of porn stars at the same time and get payed for it so am down with dat sh*t ! 

All kind of Ugly small titted women

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Because ugly small tited women work hard in the sack so you don't have too ! 

Lady Tapa

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RUFF Rider ! 

All rich bitches

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Hey these rich chicks might not look very good but they got money and as we all know we needs dah money. So pump it for a dump of cash flow on you. 

Sunny Sunny

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Zany bars = Blow Job at the bar. Am telling it works every time honey ! 

Asian Chicks with big fake tits

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Because you know for a fact that these kind of bitches are down for some maga hot sex. 


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ATM time you know what am sayin ! 

Mickey James

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Hardcore Cuntry ! Butt sex is calling your name sweetness. An hell i would eat that butt hole out for sure players because am all about hitting the G spots, ( An yes the anel also has a G spot. God like watch a porn or a hooker every now and then and learn something about life people ! CUM ON !) 


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O YES ! Melina i would eat you out for dinner like it was my last meal every God damn day of the years even when your on the rag my dear becuase you are so fine that i wish you where mine baby ! 

Stacy Carter

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She like it HARDCORE ! So get my the handcuffs and the Whips because am high a boners pills and drunk on wiskey so lets get kinky my love. 

Fit Redheads

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They just give better head and that is just science my good looking friends. 

All High End Strippers

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No sex in the champange but no body said anything about the bathroom hiyo ! You know where am cumming from sweet harts !

Kacee Carlisle

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Tick and wet is just the way i like my ladies big sexy. So me Like E long time baby !