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things that will make you say O SH*T!
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Published July 14, 2011

Good Boy!

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you take a sh*t on them Padres because they suck.

Man that A-Rod really but a hurting on my but.

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This is what i think of the ESPN movie they want me to be in.

Thats going to cost you.

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T.V ads these day. i tell you what.

Just keep on running

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just like the crap in your pants just keeps on running.  

Look at me am a soccer player.

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and i have no genitala

Good thing this dude is in a black out.

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At least there having tones of fun.

her dance moves are the sh*t

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Miss. Shatner is puting the stank out it.

Damn Kids

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"F in good for nutin Step brothers." (Call me and bring so wiskey because wezz going to get nasty tonight my lady.)

Look am me agian like that and i'll kill you.

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Faster than you can blink buddy boy.

Been on me since 1982.

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Now if only i could get in the car.

Flying High.

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This is way you don't smoke crack.

Comic Book Store security

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A little inside info on this guy is that he jacks off to wonder women comics on his brake.  

There is poop in there.

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Talk about a piece of shit alright. Your looking at her.

O! Sh*tskyz

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The one guy we get out her to wash his truck has to be a gay guy.

sh*t Faced.

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2 30pacz and a 2lbs of weed, baby thats all we need.


Koala original

why are you looking at me?

your life.

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and mine.

Andy Dick's House.

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Rehab is calling agian Mr. Dick

This is what you get when you F*cking give me shit.

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That is Strate taco bell coming out of the b hine.

somthing is stinkin

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He just watched Kim Kardashina's sex time. (Don't be so hard on your self,I have seen it a 1,000 times and i still shit my pants over it myself.)