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This is an idea/therapy . It’s a cartoon about a married couple going to counseling. With a lack of forethought I used personal experience in the writing of some of these “sessions”. Which my wife wasn’t too happy about, but... more »
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Published April 01, 2012

1st session

08966d19fcdd3abe22b8653f3b5d4637 original
811f0dbdfbab99730bdbf0e7d231513e original

2nd Session

892d984e160cd31133cbea5e67a0982e original
B0c9b498e2dd04142297b59012b6e636 original

2nd session cont.

Ad689bdd7f6fee746dd2ad5bfc60dc56 original
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8d28b7405f2428c5dd0c341728483f0c original
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3rd session

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