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Some backwoods country folk sayings and sh*t buddy.
Published February 08, 2014 35k views More Info ยป

Businness Up Front Party

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Lets do this !

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A for reals Spike t.v.

Some Wrasslin !

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O yeah ! it's just another shotgun saturday night now baby !

Welcome to W.V

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Wild and Wonderful West Virginia

World Champ

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The World Champ of the dirtballs Judah Fredlander is #1

Beer 30

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Yep it's always beer 30's around here boys !

Let old Matt get back on the right track !

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"Don't be like me stay in school."

iron sh*tty beer

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Pee out B hole all day long.

3MB Baby !

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You got to love the jay

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Get under the blood !

Lunch Break

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Let me take this lunch to my office.

Country Girls need Loving too don't you know

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Remember to tip your web cam ladies.

Anything goes when you can pay up A !

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Players want to play an am welling to pay honey };-{O

Now that's the good Stuff

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Bang me up the good word of the lord ! Because it's good for you champ.

Keep Drinkin !

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Shooters !

Hey good buddy !

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Hell make it thrice cap'n ! Now you take her easy now you hear !

Get Lucky in Kentucky

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Hey buddy if she is old enuff to bleed she is old enuff to breed capEM ! Now taker her easy you hear mate !


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