You bust one little nut and this is what happens.

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An now i have to stay on the run from 5 little kids that are all the same age and there half wit "mother". Well f*ck you buddy am getting high today because cocaine is one HELL of a drug! P.S: As for them kids there all yours now state people.

O God a bowl would really hit the spot right about now if you ask me.

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Being a Wing Man isn't at all cracked up to be what they sat it is anymore these days i'll tell you what good buddie. An thats fo d*mn sho ho!

Dang dog did you see how big that chicken is my man.

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O yeah that is what we all see when it comes time for trippying your balls off dude. because that is what the caps and LSD well do for a person big kat and that is a fact jack . "So are you chicken"

Looks like his got a mega case of the munchies on his hands.

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Adult Swim here i cum big sexy. An my sweatpants are already off baby!

Shit it's time for my cartoon.

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Hey i'll watch re-run all day long if there weed around big dogs. Because even yoru local drug lords and t.v channel need the cash flow going there Bubba. Hey peeps you can only beat off so meany times in a day my friends. But lucky for me there are cartoon on at night.

Doing pills is just like eating Pringles.

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Once you pop you can't stop! ( Kind like after you pop your cherry ladies yah dig.)

i get high so i don't kill you mother f*ckers b*tch!

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So now where is all the f in weed at these days sucka! Because i can't deal with these dang kids all over place babe.


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Stay ripped my friends. Because i know i do sucka! An you f in know it buddy!


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