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You wanna fight about it. (view all at once.)
Published April 29, 2012 200 views More Info »

Night in the black out.

17663 original

Jump on it's your luck day.

Now Lets get FUNKED UP!

Jake original

Because am already there WOOO!

Hey hey you come cum meer!

Dsc00001 original

"i wanna lick your clit."

i aint drunk am just drinkin.

98b21707d01d5534dc60163cf8e04b94 original

But you high.

Why don't you be a sport and get the champ a beer mate.

Capten original

Like any dumb hick my gatway to meth is alcohol.

my mom's cougar jackit + drinking = hole bottle of captain to the dome.

Jam original

An now a can't remember sh*t.

NBC your place for 24/7 drunkenness

592f08e691137f0fa27fe6c6d3ee42b4 original

How meany licks does it take to get on the  t.v?

This is what i see 24/7

Dumb%20bow original

three's company to. fart!

Keep on drinkin

D098e93597f06f2c19888b455d110e49 original

Because i need a man snap! "O! Anelina Jolie i love you! i love you!"  HEY! can i play with your but!?

Lets get naked!

4f978241524682736d8e9247b22b6842 original

You get naked NOW!.

Before i cut you!

Jake%20in%20the%20woods original

Don't make me do it.

So this was in your VaJJ a?

68d6dd16c9202345e290316dc5d87e82 original

Hey it really does tast like your preganant.

That pussy juice is kicking in katz.

34b366c10d58e0fb9b06ced90dc325f8 original

O i feel so groovy man.


Efd23d3e140c358dcf5b9d07a1c33688 original

Now all i need is some cold brews. AM BACK!

Am hanging lose ladies ;-)

C570262b03f309806192323a4b0ee005 original

Free ballin!

The sh*t be kickin!

Jakes original

Must throw up blood on someones things and piss/sh*t my pants.

Don't forget about the pubic hairs.

72cfed8208e55cdbb4b0a705c1944318 original

Got to get rid of these crabs some how don't you know.

What like you never had an STD before.

Big%20jake%20 original

Grow up!

Because there aint no party like a Jake Stetar party!

11be2a8db342090014cc69eb588f1f84 original

Because a Jake Stetar don't stop!  "One is my sister and 2 out of the other 3 i banged a bunch of times." Like Meatloaf once said 2 out 3 aint bad.

An you know this MAN!

Jake%20 original

So hit a honkey up so we can do what we do playerz and pimpetz.

4714906bb7113df2f92d39e4e27d1323 original
Kiss%20in%20my%20sleep%20 original

That was a wet one HiYO!