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dang kids!
Published January 10, 2012 5k views More Info »


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Looking at this slide show might cause you to heavy drinkin on the jhon.

You think your pussy wipped now.

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Just wait untell the kid is born brodangiz.

Sh*t i didn't even know she was praggerz.

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Well Sh*t i went to take a dump and out came a little person out my Vajj. "Dang lady that is a whole lot of baby fat your working off there."  (Talk about tons of fun.)

So Kelly is it?

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How meany kids have the state taking away from you sweethart? "its ok baby you tell your pimp/step daddy anything."

You can thank his sister for the shirt.

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Good thing this kids will never ever be on a frist date. "But don't be sad little man because there is always hookers and internet porno to fall back on Bud."

Thats China for you.

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We had to become tansvesdites so we would not be killed by the Chinese Goverment. Do Not tell a soul.


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O! Tia was a bad idea.

O they grow up so fast i tell you what.

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Alright Jamie you have fun sucking off and geting pounded by some dudes you meet online. O just think how meany more d*cks i could of sucked when i was your age if they only had facebook back then."  "Say mom how about me and u go bar hopping."

When i grow up i want to be like Tiger Woods.

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Keep it up little man and you will be puting your balls into holes in no time little pimp.  "I like daddy's new GF."

Mama don't let your kid grow up to be a sax player.

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This man had never and will never be laid, but if call in with your donations we might have a chance at geting him laid. Don't delay call today. So he can do hooker that he so desperately needs.

Good Thing for you.

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Because you done killed your baby you f in bitch. by the way i didn't flush.


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I'll see you in bonerville another day my pepz.  Becuase its time this little man gets his rocks off good baby!


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