Here are some of the more bizarre food trucks out there.

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January 11, 2011

The Egg Salad Experience -Spokane, WA

That's it. Just Egg Salad. Bring your own bread, bowl or mug.

Carpet Works; Carpet Cleaning And Corn Dogs -Nashua, NH

No stain is too tough for these guys! And their corn dogs aren't half bad.

Lady and the Tramp Truck -Columbus, OH

A themed truck specializing in food meant to be shared. Foot-long hot dogs, twizzlers and of course, spaghetti.

Beef Stew Tanker -Portland, OR

Planning a big event but don't want to deal with the hassle of plates and utensils? No problem! Call the Beef Stew Tanker!

McRib Truck -Heaven

Live a life without sin and you will be rewarded with unlimited, free Mountain Dew and McRibs.