Is there anything that warms your heart faster than when you think of your favorite Disney animals? Well, I just went back to Disney World after 15 years and I got to catch up with my favorite furry friends...and some of their stories...will surprise you!

Mickey Mouse (then)

Mickey Mouse is known worldwide as "The Face of Disney" - often appearing beside his better half, Minnie. He has appeared in comic strips, cartoons, films, and for in person meet-and-greets since 1928. 

Mickey Mouse (today)

Not even Disney's mascot could escape the brutal reality of the 2008 financial crisis, leaving him on the streets of New York City. He made his unexpected comeback when he appeared in the viral online video, Pizza Rat. When not scavenging for food, he tries to take back his likeness as a "mouse",  not the "rat" people now see him as. 

Sebastian (then)

This Jamaican born red crab is best known for his real life role as Ariel's best friend in The Little Mermaid. He stole our hearts when he sang "Kiss The Girl" and has proudly held the title of Royal Court Composer since King Triton's rule began. 

Sebastian (today)

Unfortunately, staying "Under The Sea" was not an option for our favorite crustacean. On his way home after a gig, he found himself in a fisherman's net and next thing he knew, he was being served as the Tuesday Night Special at Joe's Crab Shack in the Florida Keys. This was one world he didn't want to be part of. 

Donald Duck (then)

The ill tempered duck always left us on the edge of our seats as we tried to decipher his unintelligible speech. A jack of all trades, he was a proficient hockey player who enjoyed resting on his favorite hammock after a long day of pranks. 

Donald Duck (today)

Donald embraced his good looks and specific type in 1999 when he became the brand ambassador for Aflac. Proving to the world that a little friendly competition and hard work can lead to fantastic results. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... 

Lady (then)

Once a beloved pet, Lady's family grew cold of her as their human family grew. However, after finding the love of her life in Tramp, a mutt from the other side of town, things turned the corner. Her new life included romantic Italian meals and adventures that lead them to save the owner's baby, reclaiming them both as worthy Dear family members. 

Lady (today)

Sadly, as the Dear family continued to grow, their third child developed an allergy to the American Cocker Spaniel, thus leaving them with no choice other than to put her up for adoption. Lady can now be seen competing in Dog Shows around the country - most prominently the Westminister Dog Show Winner in 2011. 

Abu (then)

Universally known as Aladdin's right hand monkey, this greedy primate is remembered as a loyal and charming friend.  

Abu (today)

You can take the monkey out of Agrabah, but you can't take Agrabah out of the monkey. Feeling bored by palace life, Abu left Aladdin's side to go solo. He now stars in "Monkeying Around" - a circus that he emcees and performs in regularly. He most notably has performed for Dame Judi Dench. 

Beast (then)

After his selfish and cocky ways lead him to be cursed by a witch woman, turning him from handsome prince to rugged beast, this monster reversed the curse when finding a smart girl who loved him for his inner beauty. 

Beast (today)

Ironically enough, since Belle declared her love for the Beast as the last petal was didn't reverse completely. A "too little, too late" situation, if you will. While he did return to human form, it wasn't a full transition. He embraced his new giant body and aesthetic by becoming Dan "The Beast" Severn, UFC and WWE Champion.