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An if it wasn't for this cartoon characters i wouldn't be alive today my friends. So thank you. thank you very much. "Click it where you stick it big sex"
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Andy French

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Yeah i never went to college but after watching Andy French i feel like i went to college and drop out already. Thanks for showing me the ways of the slacker Andy. P.S An  the way you treated your younger brother Kevin in the show is the way i treat my cousin Tommy who is like a young brother to me. Keep it Mr. Andy French. 


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Rocko taught me that we all work a sh*t job and have a*shole friends that p*ss us off and d*ck head dog for a pet. But yet at the end of the day it's ok it's ok. An he also got me real into comic books. So thanks Rocko. i'll see you later ok ! 

Peter Griffin

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Everything i know about the 1980's came out of Peter Griffin. 

Bill & Ted

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Like yeah man if it wasn't for these dudes bro i wouldn't know jack sh*t about history man. 

Ren and Stimpy

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Animal are people too by God ! An thanks to Ren and Stimpy am a Vegan. 

Beavis and Butthead

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They showed me the ways to talk to the ladies baby };-O Thanks for getting me laid Beavis Butthead your both ture americans. Haha. YES ! 

Homer J. Simpson

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His my real dad, or at least it sure feels that way a. An hell his still raising me to this very day big dogs. Thanks DAD ! Your #1.  JAH LOVE ! 

Back to what i was doing.

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Working my self over hard ! O ! So hard ! Ok fine one more. then am off to get off ;-) ladies you know what am talking about O ! 

Philip J Fry: My brother from another mother

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Philip Hartman would be proud of you if he where alive Mr. Philip J. Fry. Your a good man. 


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