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Gobble Gobble
Published November 20, 2012 2.6k views More Info ยป
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Published November 20, 2012

Warm socks right out of the dryer

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That little Korean dude with the funny dance

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Recently single Selena Gomez

3617633813f7ae6030d1f5b2bacc960f original

Farting during long applause breaks

E282c2add4e4317bcf57e42626dbcb88 original

Jersey Shore being cancelled

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The planet Uranus sounding dirty

Db176b4856c92519b0bb8a91ab96b306 original

Holding in laughter when people yell at you

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Realizing Wiz Khalifa looks a lot like the Cheetos guy

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People no longer saying "YOLO"

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Hot women who can't afford blinds

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