If you're looking for guidance on how to play it cool when meeting your favorite politician, look no further than these folks. For they will give you a crash course in exactly how not to act.
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"If anything, I've GAINED weight. But you're a sweetheart for asking."

The one person thrilled that Newt Gingrich announced his plan to run

Forget this lady. At first glance it looks like that dog is holding a phone. MORE INFO ON THAT PLEASE.

Nicolas Sarkozy is Hillary's Biggest/Sleaziest Fan

And this is Bill's

What? He just brought his really well drawn arrow. And really weird boner.

Actually this just how Biden treats all his fans...like they take a backseat to his snacks

Little young for a 'sign my boobs request,' no?

His calmness is negated by his oversized camera

Dips 300x250