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WTF! (veiw all on one page.)
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The Feminist Party

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You can't f*ck em but where stuck with em. "Real shit be going down out here in this mother f*cking hood right here in Malibu bitches." White kids don't play son.

Sluts they can really take a load.

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HO! you gotta love her! "BUSTED!" ;-O

Do i look high right now?

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No no Cammie it's ok know one could ever tell that your high as a kite being that your of Asian descent and all. O by the way your lips are showing.

The boy needs to grow up some time honey.

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Rubba dubba i was taking a bath O on a saturday night. Yeah just me an my pet snake naked in a bowl beacuse my mom is a dumb ho O on a saturday tonight.

Yep it is what keeps me alive.

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Am going to need some more. A whole lot more.


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"The never ending story that is my life."  

Your just jealous becasue i make this look fly sucker!

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You know i be bad.