Who do i love forever and always even after death Jodi Aries or Casey Anthony that is the question ( Must view all on one page to understand what am getting at big dogs.)
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Jodie Arias

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Just that look on her face lets me know for sure that she is a lover forever and she must let it all out and then some of what is inside off her mind, hart, body, spirt and soul but she must never be crossed! Never!  Yeah buddies that's nice and freaky just the way i like it if you ask me babe. So lucky for me she is in prison for life. So that right there means she can't kill me when where getting on };-O + we would only have like 15min for that kind of stuff in there so i can last that long. An by the way i would never cheat on a lady like you my dear soulmate Jodie. So yes i can live with the fact that she is a nut ball killer for sure or so my d*ck is telling me. An Jodie my sweet soulmate you have a voice of an angel my dear lover i just want to eat you up baby. Hell we can even do a little Butt play since your into that stuff sweethart. Because am ready to f*ck you like a champ Joie. O yes my dear i wil Love you forever and always my future wife. Da Bullfrog here is coming for you in more way then one boo };-) you know what am talking about players. O YEAH! Jodie Arias! Just don't go dying on just yet now yeah hear because am ready for love. "And yes am saving myself for you Jodie Arias my ture love."

Miss. Casey Anthony

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Well your free now so that could be a good thing miss thing. Lets see here. Am Broke as joke and so are you, You been in jail i been in jail, Your very hot and single and am a single fat white guy, both "no kids", we both drink a lot,  You gots the blues and i gots them blues too my baby blue, where both about to be homeless ( Hey when your down and out it's always nice to have a good friend around to f*ck.), Where the same age and where both into dogs and what not. So am thinking this could work real nice my love for d*mn really baby. Just think "Casey Anthony Stetar" Now that name has a very nice ring to it right there i tell yah what Miss. Thing "So lets get it on!." You know whats good sweetness. Am on my way Casey because you + Me = forever lasting love and then some sweetcheeks.  "God please make this happen for me please i'll do anything what ever it takes!"  No matter what. 

And Your Winner is my one true love Miss. Casey Anthony ( Casey Anthony Stetar )

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Sorry Jodi but if she turns me down mybe we could work somthing out if you would like because am so so so so hard for them both like you don't even f in know yoloers. "i wish we could be vampiers so we could f*ck forever my loves." HOOK iT UP!