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“I do not ride roller-coasters or anything of the sort.”

“looking for casual stuff…hit me up…like men with muscles and blue eyes. i have 3 cats and 1 dog. i hate writing this stuff i dont know what to say anymore.”

“Laser Tag and a few drinks will be a good opening”

Mail Settings:

To send a message to ***************** you MUST meet the following criteria: Male Age between 28 and 35. Live in United States Must not have messaged users looking for intimate encounters or sex. You must have a picture to contact this user. Must not be looking for Hang Out Must not be looking for Talk/E-mail Must not be looking for Other Relationship Must not be looking for Friendship Must not be looking for Intimate Encounter Must not be looking for Activity Partner Must not do drugs Must not be married Must not smoke

“I’m shy on the inside, but nobody believes me! I’m that chick singing way too hard in your rear view mirror. I clap loudly and hug often. I’m a big sister and a mentor. I’m a little sister and a mentee. I’m a fan of cufflinks. I teach Sunday School. I watch sportscenter but not over and over. I like soccer for the songs they sing at the bar. I say yes maam and no sir. I love what I do for a living. I have a tendency to get caught smiling and it often spills over to laughter for unreasonable reasons. I talk fast I think alot I have a ridiculously awesome family…seriously I’m easily pleased but not easily impressed. Little kids and old people tend to think I’m awesome.”

“Im not eaisily offened and I tend to have a perverted side that often gets out more than it should”

“I can swing from Aerosmith to Luther Vandross to Ricky Martin.”

“That’s a sunset behind me.”

“Puppies are my FAVORITE”

“My name is *****, im just lookin for some one real, done with these fake ass people..”

“I absolutely love wrestling with other people, roughousing is one of my favorite things to do! I am a big girl, but i figure we have more fun  i call myself chubby, i’m not round, i still have an hourglass shape to my body, but i have huge hips, a big butt and chest, and a tummy.”

”I have a german shepard named Ice…… Im not a jealous girl……… I dont go to church as often as i should however i do believe in the Dear Lord above…. I have family values but im not real close to my family… I have gone to collage 2 yrs for large animal vet… I cant swim but i will still go out to the lake and the pool as long as i have a life jacket on at all times.”

“ I absolutely love all sports, would rather play than just watch. I play on a Professional all women’s full contact football team as a runningback. Ok just because you never heard of it does not make it false. No it is not powder puff.”

“I like to go out and have a good time. I’m super hot but I like the outdoors too…. You should check out my ass  Grrrrrrrr, I’m a grizzly bear. Come to my den. I wanna lick you like you’re one of my cubs.”

“I’m looking for love not a one night stand so if your wanting to get together for that I’m not your girl.”

“I am a little thick,lol, but I still like to play basketball and jump around playing the Wii. I am a fan of Boxing and ANY type of Martial Arts, it is a big turn on. I fancy fighting because the techniques of all fighting is different. It is very interesting.”

“i have 5 cats and the music it very’s i listen to a lot of it.”

“I just graduated with my Masters degree in Museum Science at Texas Tech University. I enjoy either staying at home watching one of many movies or go see a new movie in the theater. I usually watch movies like Fight Club, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and pretty much anything that Pixar makes. I currently watch television shows such as True Blood and Big Bang Theory. I also like to create and collect new artworks to hang on my walls but I am running out of space. I like going to rock concerts, dancing at goth clubs, and looking at neat things at museums. I mostly enjoy looking at modern and contemporary art. I would consider myself a nerdy goth who is a romantic. I am looking for someone who can be my friend and perhaps my lover.”

“I don’t get out as often as I’d like, mainly because I don’t really drive. I know how to and I do have a drivers license, it’s just something that I am working on becoming more comfortable with. … For right now though I am living in a tiny apartment in my parents backyard, with my two cats named Mazzy and Bunny. Or as my cats are more commonly known as the Omen and the Omen 2.”
“Yes I have some sexy pics but come on I do modeling on the side and its just a part of that, if you can’t handle that, then please keep looking elsewhere for you’re next whatever because I don’t want to hear about it unless you’re willing to get to know me here first.”
“My goals are to eventually go to school to learn to do permanant make-up…. I want to by my own house in the five yrs and have myself set up:) its going to take time and patients but I know I can do it well I have 10 tattoos and I have a unique style.”
“My name is M****, I work at a local video store but I do not watch movies. I am a sexy senorita. I am Single and ready to mingle.”
“Well I like to do jigsaw puzzles, neeldepoint, sewing, reading, haveing fun with friends, and the most thing about me is that I do not like to have mind games played on me”
“I would like to b n a relationship, but nowadays guys just play too much so if u r a liar or disrespectful get tha fuk off my profile(= thanx!! Plz don’t come at me talking dirty, asking for nude pics n shyt bcuz u will b dismissed!! N e thing else u wanna know jus hit me up!!(:”