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Published July 21, 2012 970 views More Info »

Shamella Rolen just wants to get you up big boyz.

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She must have a bakers dozen of muffin tops with more in the oven by looks of it. "i get dibs on top!"

Man MTV will pay Rob Dyrdek for anything these days.

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But at least his not Bam Margera. "Same thing just a little better Skater and he makes a whole hell of a lot less money." M.T.V what is that anyways like some kind of STD or what?

When did Sherlock Holmes get here.

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No you don't! You just need to learn how to suck d*ck a little better and let them do you in your bum bum and you my kind of sexy friend will be a solid 6 there sweet cheecks ;-) and you know it. P.S "fake boobs don't make up for that face. just so you know honky." ATM it.

This is what happens when you never where your sun block!

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GiLF o ramam! An yes that is Barbie.

its usually a lot bigger than this.

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if we went in the water right now it would be like painfully long and thick you know. + you smell like cologne you f*cking b*tch! Am sorry sweetpea i just don't know whats wrong with me! Man i been using the pill and everything babe. Hell mybe am just gay or somthing?

Monkey see monkey do {;-O

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Weekends at Bernie's 3 cummin soon when ever your ready ladies. "what can i say besides these young women like there men strong and hairy that like to let it all hangout."

A don't be a dilldo-baggins about it and show me! show me! show me! show me!

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O yeah its hot out its so damn hot right now! Put some Double DDz on dat b*tch! ;-O am busting out! P.S: if you have learned one thing here its to remember that summer time is hummer time. POWER TO THE PEEPZ!


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Am out like a boner in sweatpants.