since old Donald Glover here has his newest stand up special will be on very soon. This is a list of a few others i would like to see get a special.
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Published November 17, 2011

Good old Seth Rogan

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Come on HBO give him a stand up special. Even its not funny the ratings will be trew the roof. Because you know there are a lot of pot heads out therein world just seting on there ass and watching the sh*Tout of theret.v'smy friends. ;-)

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You knowdat stand up act would be like geting all up in some sting ray pussy SON! MuMuM Good baby!

Demi Moore

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Ashton Kutcher & Bruce Willis Jokes. That would be gold right there my pepz.

Big Shaq Dizzle

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His a goofball and a half so i bet he could do some goodstandup, Hell! his not doing anything now days anyways.

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