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Old t.v shows that i need to make a come back players. (view all on one page to see the full on rants.)
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Published December 11, 2012

The Tick

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The old 2001 one comedy show about super heros. Remember how f*cking funny the live action Tick was hell i know you do. Now get think how badass this show could be if it got a spot on HBO on Sunday Nights. Where talking maga hit show HBO. An if HBO is to stupid to pick it up how about you Comedy Central. Because daddy needs his Tick back on the F*CKiN AiR FOR THE OF ALL THAT iS GOOD iN This F*cked up place give me my Tick! ( Just play it out like the tick became a very every day joe type of man going by the name Pee Daily and now his getting the gang back together so he can do what he does son!. Mybe it would be best fit for a movie after all you all.)


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Hey look i know i know that Conan was never a t.v show. But it would make for one hell of a t.v show don't you know. Am i right Show Time or am i right.

The Big Lebowski

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Also never a show but am thinking we need a new dude out on the t.v taking it easy for all of us sinners out there. The High Times show of the years it would be. Just Call up the Dude himself and call up the HBO because it's go time. ( or hell just make the show called "Finding the Dudness" the dude as a young dude back in the late 70's if Jeff is not down for it. An just think you can air the show right after the Big Lebowski 2 comes out.)

Fat Guy Stuck in internet

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Hell if you need a new fat guy i'll play the d*mn part myself bros! So F*ck Adult Swim will just have Comedy Central or the syfi network pick it up and this time the show will last longer than 15 min. (more like 23 min this time around.)

Johnny 5

Da757a0452941f42ac13aed6bf47a3a8 original

O man i can see it now as a t.v show and am telling you right now you all the kids would f*ckin love the sh*t out of this damn show my good people. (Yes i know never was a show before.)

The Matrix Next Level

Fe00cf40d6fe3eaf28fea07e3d0c2b57 original

Now that would be a total SYFi show if there ever was one. ( + the storylines never really end so boom there is a hit for meany years to cum on dat ass!) An yes this has never been a show before.

The Monkeys

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With all new guys in a new day and age. But i know it would be way to much like that one new kickass TBS show Wedding band.

That 70's show

4714906bb7113df2f92d39e4e27d1323 original

Just one reunion show could be fun to do there FOX with cheech and chong on it. That or a live action He-Man show.

Assy Mcgee

0dc81521d2b1ef7f54f628646851413a original

Adult swim do us all a big fav and make new eps for this show because ATHF sh*t is getting old and half for d*mn sure. + i can't handle all the re-run BS that's on there. So free up some time and hook us up with some Assy players. Am Thinking comics, cartoons, toys, movies you name it my man because assy is back baby and more f*ckin hardcore than ever before!

The Kilborn File

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Sorry Daily Show, the Colbert Report and all the rest but old Killbee does it better. "You know what am talkin about ladies };-[O" So hook it up Fox! Because it's about d*mn time you all have a late night show like the rest of the networks. (An just think FOX you can start the show at 10:30pm et after the local news an bet the rest to the punch 4 nights a week. An hell you can even put on FX if need be.)

F*ck this sh*t am done and now am off to get drunk.

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"Hey if i black out and p*ss my pants tonight could you be so kind and do me a big fav and take my ass to the ER like a ture friend would for a brother" PEACE! HEY! Bring Back the Midnight show so we can see some real bands rock it the f*ck out for once.

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