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Published July 21, 2011

Hey bartender! Jobo needs a refiLL!

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it's very bad to steal Jobo's Rum. Very BAD! "i should know because i drank his rum and now my life sucks a big old fat hard one."

Nomar! Am f*ckin drunk!

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BOSTON -- Former Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra rescued two women who had fallen into Boston Harbor.  (ture story) He also had sex with pirate Parrot. (at least by the looks of a pick you can online.)  

Failing at being half white

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I hope your not bowling like this on the White Houses lanes there Capem. (Let your honkiefide side out good buddy.)

This is why Women's tennis gets the ratings.

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i like it when they scream. becuse it makes me want to cream. CahCow! "Welcome to bonerville"  

So is this a sport?

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if this is a sport then so is sucking dick for the crackola!

Who wants a musache ride!?

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;-0 "Me love you long time."

i Do! Big Red!

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This "young" Lady F*CKz 4 sport.

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you can tell by how meany damn kids she has. (funny thing about it is the kids don't even know who she is being that she is on her back most of the time.)