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just a little
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Published July 09, 2011

Yeah you see fellas i don't want to say this agian.

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and if he does have to you better be ready for an ass wipping of a life time. "Watch you ass Klitschko brothers."

whats wrong with you boy!

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What in the hell is wrong with you! Puting your dead gandmamma's dress on you sick twisted bastered. "The NBA doesn't want you."  

we got them Chicken Heads we got them Chicken Heads.

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"Come on ride the train let ride her out." ;-)

BLang! BLang!

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I take a hit of crack and remain the same.  "Now where are the chicken heads at dog?"

Arnold's "other Fam"

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Daddy love him self more than both famliy's combined! "Now! Do your push ups little Hercules!"

Work it girl! Work it!

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O yeah Pippa your giving me a long stocking alright.

No! No! he doesn't look like a Bitch!

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Then why you actin like his ONE! "i have had it with these mother f*cking faces on these God Da*n cards."

How in the hell you going send the Godfather of soul to jail son!?

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R.i.P you f in wild man.

you best be steping off my women.

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So i don't have to brake your old ass arm you f in honkey ass MoFo!

PuFF PuFF pass Bitch!

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you know.

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Was That a fart or a queef  i hear babe.

yeah boy wez gona be bad yo!

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talk about your pussy mag.

The Next day after hanging with Miss Lindsay Lohan

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Now piss in my but and shit and mouth because things are about to get kinkey up here!