While it is believed that the San Francisco mob is likely extinct, clear evidence has arisen that the mob is back, and that Mark Zuckerberg is head of the entire organization. In fact, in a brilliant move, Zuckerberg has used... more »
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Published March 30, 2013

Appearing to send an innocent text, Zuckerberg smoothly puts a hit on Facebook's worst enemies: the Winklevoss twins:

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Zuckerberg accidentally puts up a slide of the crime family's organization. Woops!

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Dressing the part: What is this guy hiding?

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Zuckerberg giving tips on his strangulation techniques:

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Zuckerberg imitates the time he beat down a rival crew with an ax

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Zuckerberg sends threat to Asian mobs to stay off his turf:

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Zuckerberg reminiscing about beating down enemies with karate chops:

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