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I would Double bag it if i where you. If you know what am sayin! (view all on one page.)
Published June 05, 2012 3.6k views More Info »
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Additional Credits:
Safe Sex

Wrap it up big cat because it's Orgy fest time.

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Kenny Powers half brother Caspar Sanchez always has the wildest partys my peepz and your wellcome to cum anytime ;-) "An O Lordy his one dirty, dirty, dirty! Sanchez."

Lets get nice and kinky with the weird SH*T.

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Hell this is the only way i can get off anymore. Now piss on me to get this sh*t off me, or some . blood well work.

Well since it your B day i'll pee in your bum.

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Man you got cake, milk and muff an its all for me! This is the best B day ever yo!

Like a glove!

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Sweet! There dumb, ugle and drunk. Am so getting laid tonight bropecia!

Remember eveyone needs a little fourplay to warm things up before the big game ;-)

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O yes i remeber a lot of long hard days and nights of grab ass back in my army days there sunny boy.

Just Keep on Drinking

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Because where just getting hard around this behind.

For your heath.

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Now if only these Torjans where not expired. But they will never know that.

Am STD Free am trying to keep it that way.

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Hey i told you to double bag that sh*t pimp. "The Herpes are for life big dog."

Dang! My but hurts!

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Just like you feel right now for reading this crap! Being that it's not at all funny as always with this sh*t. But i keep em cuming.

Sh*t you can't even have sex online nowadays with getting a virus.

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Been there done that and now you have one to.

By the way your Mother called.

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Now piss off! So i can grap these stangers juggies.

If you can't duck it f*ck it.

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So i did them both at the same time.

C.S.i after party

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You broke it you bought it!

This is now what i wake up to every day.

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O the storys i could tell you kids.