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Carl! Get back in the house and laugh your sheriff hat off at these memes.
Published March 21, 2012 830k views Immortal More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Thank you to the wonderful people at http://www.reddit.com/r/thewalkingdead/ for making Mondays worth living the last few months.
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Published March 21, 2012

Stop him if you've heard this one before.

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The best part about the zombie apocalypse.

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Just like old times.

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Well? Does he?

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Scumbag Shane

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That's just Dale being Dale.

5e4d19aaeba82fd565ea238fc13a2a0e width 600x

Bet she didn't see that one coming.

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Scumbag Lori

A9da98ecbf1c8e76e6261d9e88c9b3c3 width 600x

Smooth move, Glenn.

103a9c641f241daef459a69990b4bf63 width 600x

It was a dumb saddle anyway.

D7b95282618b537c26f86a0b4db0318f width 600x

Just fuck already.

03bd3c9887b74d11455f660eb0c8bb25 width 600x

Check the scoreboard.

Facb4e0fdcf2b9d5def7c807076a4a3f width 600x

Don't lie. He knows.

F342876381a2a2479e7216ad2766b3ae width 600x

Good Guy Rick

9e2935b26c87d40e31f887dfa1e6bb19 width 600x

Uh...what were we talking about again?

420edba6e07105d6487b21712055b0a9 width 600x

The reason Herschel is so valuable.

A5c92e3709ae8fc68eca6db7085aa3ec width 600x

T-Dog refuses play that shit.

C5c087f78ab90f50d3bb60217a40e6e9 width 600x

Like a boss.

F12c1f71c3266cacd5bfb4b917f68fd1 width 600x

That undead guy raises a pretty good point.

2ff55d960c2797487ec85273492e6e82 width 600x

It's not easy being T-Dog.

3bb4be2e8b8c22dcc2f14b6aa3f240de width 600x

Hindsight is Zombie/20

Dcf5470e49927a09b8b7fc850386e7dc width 600x

It runs in the family.

F08962821ed482c06a59be77c1a42df2 width 600x

That's gotta hurt.

Cfbf7c5f2159a1174df41016465726d5 width 600x

Glad I wasn't the only one thinking this during the finale.

B88e04cd98ab1b28b7fea483cacebc52 width 600x

We feel bad for your son.

45bb4427e7ad1906d5f880d968590a9e width 600x

These two should really get together sometime and hang out.

33b46f9c2370c6a2ded58080125e3cab width 600x

Scumbag Dale

0326201056664ed0e32f8f3a6bd04a0a width 600x

Conspiracy Carl

Bb52eb79d7a4dc6ad4b3d50ee9bc5269 width 600x

Too easy.

8008c5206e4bf17eb7df1a3b03611860 width 600x

At least she's honest about it.

71174008413a47cdf644bc6c47ab6898 width 600x

The biggest loss of the finale.

4ef60fe4b744f4c79967b3eb93a0e6c6 width 600x

Burning down the barn.

459b1b9ab85ada8e250d0553a5a3b905 width 600x

He really should've said this line in the show.

9fcb041d607871749f9661069707d9d9 width 600x

They were just out of view by the campfire.

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