The Best Pro Wrestling Freelance wrestlers out there today sideshow.
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Takako inoue

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Even at 45 she look better than all the other ladies and her skills are better and now a days she is freelancing and i say it's time for her to come to the U.S.A. in one the big companies so she can show the world she still got it because she is all that and a bag of chips players !

Angelina Love

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She got her release from her T.N.A. contract she asked for and will no longer be a part of T.N.A. here in 2015.

Mia Yim

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She has had tryouts in R.O.H. , T.N.A. and the W.W.E. and she has had matches all over the world for lots of different promotions but isn't on contract with any company yet because she is still freelancing all over the world. #SheisSoReady

Sassy Stephie

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One of the most over looked and highly skilled women in pro wrestling today who is still working the independents.

Christina Von Eerie

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One of the most unique wrestlers of all times with the skills that pay the bills , who is stuck on the independents.


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She has the whole package and is more than ready for a contract with one of the big promotions in the wold today. But as of now she is one of the top ladies in pro wrestling working the independents world wide.

Devon "Crowbar" Storm

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Even at 40 years old her in 2015 his still one extremely hardcore mother f*cker !

Scott Steiner

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He might be 52 years old but he hasn't slowed down very much over the years , because his just that dang good.

Bob Hardcore Holly

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Even at 51 his one bad SOB !

Buff Bagwell

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Old Buff daddy ! Buff the stuff Bagwell still can hang with just about anyone.


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his a hybrid kind of a pro wrestler who can do a little of every that is now back on the independents after being let go by the W.W.E. back in 2014.

Trent Barreta

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His been in the W.W.E. his been in T.N.A. but now his back on the independents traveling the world with his Luchador like style that would fit in real nice like in a place like AAA or the AAA owned Lucha Underground.

Curt Hakins

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Curt Hawkins was let go by the W.W.E. and is not back on the independents doing his thing like a champ.

Jinder Mahal

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Fired by the W.W.E. and has been working the independents looking for gigs.

Chris Masters

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Yes his mic skills and in ring skills have got betters working the independents since being let go by the W.W.E. years back.

Justin Gabriel

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He just quit the W.W.E. and am thinking Justin Gabriel in the T.N.A. X division would be good that or AAA. But as for now it's back the independents for Justin Gabriel.

Crime Time

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This tag team is back together on the independents stilling the show every weekend. An their ready for a new big time company.

London and Kendrick

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Both are freelancing in the N.W.A. as singles stars right now but they do still tag up every now and then and they are just as good if not better then back in their W.W.E. days together. But if your a big company and need a tag team this team is A +.

The Headbangers

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Just as good in the ring as they where back in the day and their having fun doing so a. An trust me they can hang with any team.

Fusion DS

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The next big thing in tag team pro wrestling you just watch and see mates.

AR Fox

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His moving up in the world real fast like because his just that good and his ready for the big time.

Chuck Taylor

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Rising star and then some.

Johnny Gargano

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This guy is making a big time name for himself these days working in Dragon Gate U.S.A. and the other independent promotions. An if you big companies where smart you be trying to pick this guy up ASAP !

Colt Cabana

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One of the biggest names in pro wrestling but yet his still working the indies all over the place.

Chris Sabin

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Being let go by T.N.A. light a fire under his ass and now his love for pro wrestling is back and his busting his ass on indies these days. oCC

Eddie Kingston

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This guy pop up all over the place and his does truly have a great mind for wrestling.

Chris Hero

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Fired from the W.W.E. back working as a main even indy guy and i hear his starting up his own promotion.


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This guy has been all over the place working freelance just looking for that steady contract that is past do for him.

Sonjay Dutt

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You know him from his T.N.A. days but now a days his working the independents at the high level his always does in his matches.

Rich Swann

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His so next level


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