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Yeah i watched the W.W.E money in bank P.P.V last and now i can't stop thinking about pro wrestling. ( view all on one page to see rants. )
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:

Wanda Gold

E22e981ef613e03a79d10fa1f75b71de original

"You remember this chick from T.N.A from a few years back but now she doesn't have a job so like i said new gimmick Wanda Gold the b*tch with the magic touch."

Kenny "The Skinny" Walker

616a44d3b88965a8408ef283554c7585 original

HEY YO! Whats the Skinny babby! You remember him from R.O.H and he is as of now in N.X.T. So i say new gimmick him up by the name of Kenny "The Skinny" Walker ! An he walks the walk and he knows the skinny you b*tches! SKiNNY ! SKiNNY ! SKiNNY !

Brody Jobs

13009f068a01519ddaa4fd5163918a72 original

You don't remember this guy from anything but his a local indy pro wrestling jobber from my area. So i say lets give this guy a new gimmick by calling him good old Brody Jobs! J.O.B Squad 2.0.

Jayme Cook

Ab76fc32729e42277bcc408545ae1dcb original

You remember her from T.N.A and O.V.W but she no longer has a job. So i say lets call her Jayme Cook. The red hot firecracker you don't want to piss off sucka!

Anita Maxx

75ee393c61ad84df0f78823f2478b7fe original

You don't know her a. She is a indy girl looking for her big brake yo, so i say lets bring her into the W.W.E and call her Anita Maxx ! She will take you to the MAX and then some ! Anita Maxx !

Bettie Farmer

18113 original

Betti Farmer A ruff and tuff country girl with d*mn good looks honey! An a dirty mouth. Now there is a f in gimmick for you W.W.E. Sidenote: "The chick in the pic isn't in pro wrestling, yet anyways." O! YES! She is sexy cowgirl. VERY NiCE !

Krista Busters

2d7b22dc41f963f9c61760703b58a9fc original

So if You don't know her by now you will never know that she is a indy pro wrestling queen of mean inside that ring punk. An am saying right here an now lets bring her into the W.W.E an call her Krista Busters "The Trailer Park Queen".

Kitty Katz

9d04f43782b59b0acb5e092ad843e7f1 original

You Remeber her from W.C.W. as Miss. Jones. That super fine ass half black chick. Well i say lets go old school and bring her in over at the W.W.E. As Kitty katz the hell cat. "Brake me off a piece of that kit kat bar. Hiyo!"

Jake Bird

D6c8cbd8dd2f668ad576b1537a6fef62 original

You remeber him from R.O.H and T.N.A so i say lets bring him into the W.W.E as Jake Bird a cool dude rocker with a very bad attitude.


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