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lets get freaky with it my peeps of the night. (view all on one page.)
Published June 01, 2011 690 views More Info ยป

Jabba Shaq E

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i think he was huffing the dizzel before this all start weekend. "Hell i know i did Hiyo!"

Star Trek convention 2013

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Give here the spocker dude. "Thats 2 in the pink and 2 in the stink and the thumb rubs the clit" An O yes she will be living long prospering if you know what sayin!

The one chick you always see at the bar

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She gives the best old fashions. Hell she can jack me off better than i can do myself. Now that is saying somthing my friends. SUPER FREAKiN.

O yah i would so hit that with my 9 wood

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She can shoot balls out both holes you dig player.

The Stocker

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But all cougars stock there prey on there meal ticket. Sidenote: "Some one please tell her where i live at because i love it ruff."

Flash & Superman (the gay year)

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Hey Heat remember when you had a star play that didn't choke in the playoffs.

You want to wrestle };-)

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An she likes to get f*cked sunny side up yah dig man. An that's why they call her sunny sunny my peeps.

This Pot Head

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Hey lady it's a little thing called getting your tubes tied you should try it some time. "But that ok i'll just put it in her tight littlebum bum. O and i know it's tight because i seen that video of playing with herself."

Double Freaky

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Yep it's a killer good time when you get with these ladies. "i'll have both."

Mom and Daugther tag team.

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HEY it's not insest in they don't lick each other boys. Am i right or am i so right dudes.


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A you take her easy and if she is easy take her twice big guy.


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