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Random old people memes.
Published February 04, 2014 1.1k views More Info »

Baby Huey

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Who the hell got Bill Clinton drunk a ! ?

Am The King Baby !

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Hey drunk ass dad your balls are showing ! #F*ckingFamily 


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There aways down for a 3 ways. 

i like huffing gas !

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fun fact Googly Eyes where based off this guy. 

His Burger King Manager

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An he gots his GED and everything ! 

By the power of Greyskull

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SHE-RA ! SHE-RA ! SHE-RA !  "Skeletor sucked the life right out of her dudes." 

Sup Big Guy

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Sexy time is calling big sexy. 

A 1960's flash back

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Thanks LSD ! 

The Blob

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Who know the person who played the blob was really this woman you know ! . 

Gots to have my cokes at all times.

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An back in his day they put coke in the coke.  ( suger it's one hell of a drug ) 

Highed up and Bi since the 60's

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A it's ladies night down at the bar so way not you dig. 


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Rogaine called and said you better just buy a wig old top. 

Drunk and Old

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Because i can't work a laptop. 

Old School Crackhead

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Crack it's that stuff you used to smoke before you started smoking meth. #HitTheRock

Never to old to go back to school

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A ! 

You Dang Hippie !

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She is going to star in the new Troll movie.  So look out becasue it's in 3D ! 


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O YEAH Brother ! Star-Wars it never gets old. 

David Lo Pan not crazy

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David Lo Pan so old he know all !  "The thing that pisses off David Lo Pan to no end is the asian women don't have green eyes." 

Good old Gray Aliens

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They have been running the earth since day one. An that is a Fact Jack ! 

How does this new thing e ma jig work again ?

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Can you hear what am thinking ?

Holy Cow

L original

They have beer in Heaven ! So don't go committing Harry Carey you all for reals because i love you all. 

Hey all you Kids out there in the world !

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Don't be a dumbass ! UM K ! 

Call me on the land-line

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"What the hell is a text anyways !" 


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Where can i get some mother f*cking Grandmama shoes at for the love of God ! 

Dang so older really is better a !

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Your only as young as you look. 

Am getting to old for this sh*t !

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Life sucks a big fat hard harry one so f*ck it ! 

Party all the time !

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Save yourself punks ! 

Your the one with drinking problem

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Because i LOVE ! Getin SH*T FACED ! You little f*ckers ! So don't tell me what to do !  Because i do what i want because am a grown a*s man you b*tch ! 

Get me a dang beer woman !

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Because i can't take this sh*t no more !