Check out my collection of 15 of the funniest men who do their work making laughs from behind a microphone. Be sure to check out all of their sites, follow them on Twitter, and get out their to see them perform. Enjoy!
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Published: May 12, 2013

Adam Newman

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback are getting married? I didn't know Canada allowed SAME SUCKS MARRIAGE."- @Adam_Newman Check Adam out online:

Alex Hooper

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "To the ants that keep crawling in my freezer and dying: THIS IS WHY YOU WILL NEVER BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AS A SPECIES."-@HooperHairPuff Check Alex out online:

Brian Gaar

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK:"Relationships are mostly you apologizing for saying something hilarious"-@briangaar Check Brian out online

Brian Hope

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK:"You ever had garbage in one hand but you accidentally throw out the thing that you want in your other hand? LOL. Anyways, the baby's ok." -@Brianhopecomedy Check Brian out online:

Christian Polanco

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "That old lady on the bus needs to learn how to deal with hecklers if she's gonna succeed in comedy"-@chrispolanco Check Christian out online:

Dan Ahdoot

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK:"To anyone eating Tofurkey tonight, know that the ghosts of Indians are looking down on you thinking 'we lost to THESE pussies?' "-@standupdan  Check Dan out online:

Kevin Ricotta

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "I'm boycotting Kix cereal because of all the kid testing."-@KevinRicotta Check Kevin out online:

Matt Fernandez

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK:"Listen baby, I'm sorry. It's not you, it's-a-me. MARIO! No, but seriously this relationship is over."-@FattMernandez  Check Matt out online:

Myles Morrison

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK:"Just changed my wireless network name in my apartment to 'I can hear you having sex through the ceiling and it sounds mediocre.' "-@Myles_Morrison Check Myles out online:

Nate Bargatze

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "I'm all for women fighting in the military. I would put them through a test though. They would have to open a series of jars on their own."-@natebargatze Check Nate out online:

Patrick Melton

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK:"I just want to find a girl that will stick around longer than the McRib."-@pmelt  Check Patrick out online:  

Robert Hawkins

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "But God, there were four footprints in the sand and now there are only two. God: I unfollowed you."-@hawkinsdotzbiz Check Robert out online:

Sam Demaris

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "Am I the only one eagerly awaiting Taco Bell's Doritos 4 Lokos taco?"-@samdemaris Check Sam out online:

Tom Shillue

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK "I've been playing a lot of hangman with the kids lately. Not really concerned about spelling but I want to make sure they're pro death penalty."-@tomshillue Check Tom out online:

Zach Broussard

MY FAVORITE TWEET PICK: "In England they call cigarettes football"-@ZachBroussard Check Zach out online: