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Happy 70th Vice President Biden! Readers -- this is best viewed while listening to the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait (The Whisper Song)" ...
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Published November 20, 2012

Cold lurking on former Irish President Mary McAleese

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Moving in on Hillary

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Biden and his old lady Sheila joking about past times riding with his biker gang Satan's Army

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Kiss away the pain

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Biden sends some nasty vibes at Paul Ryan to amp up before the VP debates

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During a ceremony for the outgoing Joint Chiefs Chairman, most likely telling President Obama a classic fart joke

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Leaning in with some Olympic athletes

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Biden riles up John Boehner despite the congressman's request to stop touching him

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When the President's away, Biden will play

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Leaning in for some quick legal advice from Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan

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"Always with you"

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