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Best Mullets
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Published August 18, 2011

The koolest guy on the beach by far Bro!

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Just by haning with this guy your going to get so laid dude am telling you!

His got a Little mullet action goin there.

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Check out this Classic euro mullet on Jaromir Jagr.

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it's sad to say but you just don't see that kind of mullet anymore.

Kiefer Sutherland in "The Lost Boys" had one.

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he also had it when his was in jail for that year so he could fit in with the rest of the hicks.

His definitely an army brat.

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Or gay, hell mybe even both.

is that Will Forte?

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back in the meth days.

The Sheri

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"Am going to f*ck you up He-Man."

The glam rock family.

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Where later sentence to prison and the kid to juvenile detention until he was 18, for the hole in the Ozone.

Hardcore country! "The mud flap" Mullet

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"i bet he like to backwards 69." (thats when you lick each other but holes.) Go Vikings!

This kids are radetski dudeness.

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Totally Kool Borz. 

with our powers combined!

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The Powers is your! Captain Mullet his are hero his going to smoke that weed down to zero, Captain Mullet!