Who's your PONTIFF BABY? Has there EVER been a better time for PONTIFICATING? Hell to the NO! Well, except in 1978 when JP 1 croaked after 2 months and JP2 (ROCKSTAR POPE) Took the REIGN...But, I digress...So join me... more »

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March 15, 2013

Immediately after leaving the Vatican...

Pope "Benny of the Peds " headed right for the official "Papal Watering Hole" (No, not THAT ONE, you DEGENERATES!) Where he cut loose at "Simon Peter's Karaoke Haven" doing his, I must say, HEAVENLY rendition of Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies", complete with booty slapping.

Pope on Pope Action...

Chance meeting JUST prior to Pope What's HIs Name's election... Joey "The Rat" Ratzinger gives his only words of wisdom to Pope Bungholio. No, that can't be right. Pope Bergogo Gadget Immunity?...No, well what ever his name is, as far as advice, I'm sure he got TONS from Pope Benny of the Peds...

Ex-Bendict...Sunny Side Up

Here is a rare photo of Ex- Benedict at the Vatican Casino, just hours after his final duties. Miraculously, he won, and took all the cardinals on a shopping spree at Victoria's Secret.

Pope be PIMPIN!

Our researchers found THIS little TIDBIT online the EVENING he was no longer POPE. Okay..Admit it. When you first saw him in his FLY custom gear, his MEGABOSS CROSS and a BRIM...You KNOW you was thinkin' "THE POPE is DOPE! Here's hoping he find that special someone who has been yearning for an ex Nazi-youth, ex Pope to fill that hole. In his heart, you degenerates!