"Am just acting like a smartass on this one." (veiw all on one page.) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!
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The Jobber

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Hey at least he has a f*cking job there good buddies. "So cum on down to the Red Lobster today where you can LET HER EAT WiDE TONiGHT!"

Granny's little Cunky Monkey.

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This man doesn't always get his groove on but when his does he pays for it big time. (Why magic? Well it's because you can only play with your self 5 to 6 times a day OK!)

But Lucky for these boyz Miss. Ananda Cumings! is cuming on to the stage!

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Fake Tat, Fake Rings, Fake Teeth, Fake Tits an ass lift and a fake Vjj. Check O ROONEY! SHE-MAN

This is what happens when you don't pay up my peepz.

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O wait thats just Jimmy 3 balls. This is the only way he can get rocks off ;-) if you know what am sayin! };=O

And this is now what you all are thinkin of me and i know it.

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No! Your the one with that thing as problem Mr. Letterman! "Because like how could someone even know that sh*t."

Still ME!

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"But whatevz i do what i want!"  BANG! BANG!