Guess what? Relationships are tricky. One minute you're planning your future; the next you're walking in on your girl deep-throating the neighbor. Here are some warning signs to watch for so you ditch that cheatin' bitch before its too late.

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March 13, 2011

5 surefire signs your girl is cheatin

Back To The Condoms

If She's been using "the pill", or you've been making belly button children for months, and all of a sudden she says "I think we should go back to using condoms," then guess what? You're subletting that pussy big dawg.

She Stops Caring If You Go Get Wasted With The Boys

If you used to have to literally perform a miracle to get a "guy's night," but now she could care less, even if you go on a 2 day bender, then bang away cuz she's doin' the same.

Change In Cell Phone Habits

If, out of the blue, she does any of the following:Makes her personal cell phone password protectedTakes her cell phone with her whenever she leaves the roomFrequently texts a number that is not programmed into her phoneStarts acting short whenever you're on the phoneThen don't make any long-term plans cuz you're about to be a party of one.

She Starts Accusing You Of Cheating All The Time

Nothing says guilty conscious like accusing someone else of a crime you, in fact, are committing. If she takes everything as a sign that you are cheating, then guess what? She's accepting deposits from a 3rd party.

If you come home and see this:

Then you probably should have read this sooner cuz your bitch be cheatin' muthafucka!