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DADDY LIKE. ( Must view all on one page to see my little joke e rants and ladies on this list CALL ME.) };-{O+
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#6 Octomom

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This Milf is nice a crazy but at least the smoking weed thing is chilling her out a little. So hey Octomom hook it up with them dank nuggets sweething. COME ON BABY! Sidenote: love you in that porn you did my lady.

#5 Amanda Bynes

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Yeah Amanda i also have a allergic reaction to drugs. An it's a little thing i like to call getting HiGH ! Sidenote: Next time you make a bong use a vases like Amanda did. An Amanda it's ok jail not that bad and when you get out get at me boo.

#4 Terri Runnels

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Damn near 50 years old and still pro wrestling. Now thats my kind of lady because i love it f*cking hardcore! Wrestling does the body good.

#3. Amy Schumer

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When you tell dirty jokes for living you have to be f*cked up in the head and you have to give a lot of head to get on t.v when you look like that a. But i would put it her butt. "She is into that kind of stuff."

#2 Casey Anthony

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O so your going to write a book about your like a Casey well don't ok babe base no one gives a sh*t about your life what so ever HO! Here is the whole book people "am a middle class slut loser" the end. Just do a few porn movies for that money you need. Hell i even be in one with you just because am a nice guy like that Casey my sweet. Time to pay up b*tch!

#1 Jodie Arias

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How can you be full of sh*t and not give a sh*t at the same time?

"Still NEEDS ME A D*CK in ME."

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Captain Red Wings to the rescue !  GO! GO! Gadget BONER !