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Herb from BoJack Horseman. You see we look just alike where both into comedy and t.v show making and where also both unemployed and are into charity work so yeah Herb is copy Jake Stetar's style and then some bros.

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Tyler Labine

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True Story here i was an extra andZack and Miri Make a Porno and i got a call back to do this part as the drunk guy coming home from the Steelers game but i and i told them i would do it put i didn't have a ride back up so i was screwed over myself and Kevin Smith by missing out and old Tyler Labine stepped in and did the part like a champ and his been copying my style ever since and yes that is all true my friends.

Aaron from Revolution

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This is for real and you ask the people who work at funny or die because they know this and that is i came up with the idea for the show Revolution and i told them to put this guy in their so it's would be like i was in the show so yeah Aaron from Revolution is copying my style for sure players. We look alike and where both into nerd shit and he was a part of a show i made up in the memory of my friend Dustin and his Dad Mike who passed away but lets not get into that bad stuff OK.

Bryan Danielson aka Daniel Bryan

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He looks just like me ( but in shape ) where both vegan and where both into pro wrestling big time ( but his living the dream ) so yeah his everything i wish i was and he does it looking like me because his a nice guy like that you dig.

zach Galifianakis

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Where both into comedy and we look just alike so it's like where twins even if he older and has a better hair line than i do and yes am a total Alan in life. So heyzach Galifianakis if you even need a guy to play your brother in a movie get a hold on me because am so down dude.

Jimbo Franklin

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Wait i am Jimbo Franklin being that i made this crap up and played the part so yeah old Jimbo Franklin is just the old man version of me Jake Stetar and so that is all for today and if you want to copy my style have it bros because am cool with dat dogs. Good DAY !

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