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These classic lines may not have been as effective had the characters said what was in the original draft.
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207502c22f9a8472f569f469a52bc4ff original
239088076c76ea4b9d67a367d660eb3e original
17746a20109fbecb3f7f32d9dd02f4e8 original
36d9064905469a20ee10568ff164a390 original
9eb2d6509888f455d03c54024827d087 original
3f5102d1a5472a8fb615cba5d4bbf85f original
E382a52a3d1f0f4f0fe17b5ce883b296 original
61ce4424fe39675724c322030912c613 original
2f87c56a26cc37c647aebd3a4a168015 original
Cd0881950c8aa456e5e39205e7875cf7 original

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