100% of the time mugshots are funny every time. To honor those who have brought us so much joy, here are the 8 classes of mugshots(with photographic evidence, of course).

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March 17, 2011

The Celebrities

Celebrities they're just like the rest of us. They put their pants on one leg at a time; drop the Huxtables off at the pool; and they can take a fucked up mugshot like the rest of us. At this point you'd think they'd have a class to ensure you take classy mugshot photo. But for our sake, lets hope they never do.

The Bombshells

Seriously, where were some of these teachers when I was in grade school? I wouldn't fuck Miss Mildred the Math teacher with your dick, but Debra Lafave? I'd hit it.

The Criminally Retarded

Here's a tip: If you are crazy or want to dress like a human breathalyzer, then just stay home. Trust me you'll thank me in the morning.

The Freak Show

I feel sorry for these folks. If you can't tell that having a mustache on your forehead is wrong, then can you really be considered not crazy? At the trial, these guys should just stand up and present themselves as defense exhibit A, then rest their case.

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