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By awkwardly trying to step out of a marriage proposal photo, one man stepped right into several other iconic pictures and, perhaps, the Meme Hall of Fame.
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Published July 23, 2013

The Extremely Awkward Original

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Sorry, The Beatles. Big fan.

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Excuse me, I forgot my thermos.

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Let me get out your way, so you can finish.

Eb7a516a76458e11d277c39d47d32471 width 600x

Oh man, looks like you're doing something important here.

8d3cd6f8cac97c97c550d93bca4fe7cb width 600x

Hey, sorry. Just trying to cross the street. Don't let me slow you down.

211308e838522e74827d84dfb033b302 width 600x

Gosh this keeps happening. Congrats on the grandson.

1dc41e03e6a34c2862f0776267dc3422 width 600x

Yikes. Not again. Why can't I remember? Always cross on green.

Ef56afebd095c82c5f99d39d8955dd5a width 600x

That's my bad. Hope this doesn't go on my permanent record.

Be3c0aa4ebc6e71629b0d7444bb17017 width 600x

Sorry everyone. I keep doing this.

Da09d670eb2031c7da0c76f60da979a5 width 600x

Again, this one is definitely my bad.

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