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We all have one talent in life. Unfortunately for these folks, these are theirs. (Many of these came from the site Ervilha's Soup: http://ervilha.soup.io/post/90260130/Profession
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1. The Epitome of Success

Cheese original


2. His Involvement with Sam Adams is Irrelevant

Chocobeer original


3. Obviously

Gary spivey psychic medium original


4. If only those bullies could see him now...

Hotdog original


5. Cosby's Competition

Jello original


6. Don't Ask About the R&D Department

New set 7 original


7. Sure. "Ex"

Oddly%20different%20professions original


8. Probably Had to Know Somebody to Get his Foot in the Door

Pork original


9. The King

Slide 6687 88794 large original original



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