lets get it started in here!
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Busting out the old mud Flap.

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Now thats awhole lot of parting in the back. Sidenote: "I bet he likes to do chicks in the but."

YES! i finally defated Skeletor! Now bow before! as we party down!

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"Skeletor AKA Maria Srhriver can kiss my d*ck AHAHAHA!"

Now Uncle Sam need you to get F*cked up!

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I got my eye on you punk.

so you don't end up like this.

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that right folks this witch as never been laid. & you would think there would be a spell for that kind of thing. "Hell i'll jump on the grenade"

Call your fat friend so she can make you look sexy.

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& so someone like me can have black out drunk sex with her.

& flog the dolphin spank the monk.

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Thanks Dad !

because its party time!

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An this hound is ready to raw dog.


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Beacause daddy needs a case of 40oz.


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