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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:

The T.N.A. Power Plant

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T.N.A. needs it's own dojo. 


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The N.W.A. needs a Live weekly World Wide T.V. show again , showcasing on the very best in the world. 

N.W.A. Cares

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The N.W.A. needs to do all the fundraiser or benefit shows they can book. 

1 2 3 Rumble Federation ( 123RF )

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A new cutting edge pro wrestling company owned by Turner inc... ;-) ;-) 

Cam Shots

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Overheads looks , use them. 

W.C.W. re branding

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W.W.E. should bring back W.C.W. as a spin of brand of W.W.E. ( kind of like what E.C.W. was or N.X.T. is now a days ) 

Wolf Pack Pro Wrestling School

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Darkside Mountain State

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Lightside of N.W.A.

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A rivalry over Life or Death of this company. 

T.N.A. Xplosion

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Xplosion should = the showcasing of the X Division style matches.  Push the X ! #ForTheYoungBloods

Airtime in the states needed

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Change your format into the R.O.H. and Lucha Underground format , by having 3 matches and episode and a P.P.V. main event level main event of Xplosion is what i want.  ( or this could be a new T.N.A. show called T.N.A. BOOM  ) #BOOM