Am talking come backs baby ! ( No C.M Punk on this list )
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Jimmy Wang Yang

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The dude is only 33 and his in ring skills are good and so are his acting skills so am saying it now Jimmy Wang Tang in G.F.W. son !

Colin Delaney

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His only 27 an in my mind Colin Delaney is next Daniel Bryan but with better mic skills so someone get him out of the independents for the love of all that is good and holy in this world give this man a contract !


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Sharkboy back in the T.N.A. X division or hell even in R.O.H. would be a fit from him because as you know the people love Sharkboy.


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Kenny is only 28 years old and was once a W.W.E. superstar but yet his stuck in the independents. Now wassup with dat !


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His a bouncer in N.Y.C. these days so am saying it's time for Maven to come back to pro wrestling. Because even at 37 Maven can get it done in the ring + the love him ! So G.F.W. or whoever give this man a call brothers !

Alex Riley

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FOR THE LOVE OF GOD W.W.E. ! Put Alex Riley back into in ring action you hear me W.W.E. !

Kelly Kelly

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Now there is a TNA KO for you all and you know it bros !

Bill Goldberg

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One Last good run as W.W.E. Champ would be sweet ! Because the W.W.E. needs you man !

Black Pope

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The G.F.W. is calling you name Mr. Eljiah Burke so come on down !


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The W.W.E. needs you back in acting more than ever before Captain Charisma #OneMoreMatch


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Get him back into action T.N.A. for reals yo ! Manik for next X division champ.

Carlito and Chris Masters

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Now there is a tag team for you G.F.W. so bring them in Double J because it's go time sucka !

Garrett Bischoff

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Look T.N.A. i know his on contract so get him back into action on impact NOW !


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Hey yo R.O.H or G.F.W. get Chavo out of the independents asap bros !

shawn hernandez

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LAX in G.F.W.

Juventud Guerrera

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Well since A.A.A. doesn't use him anymore am sayingjuventud guerrera in the G.F.W. would be a good fit for him a.

John Morrison

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Back in the W.W.E. as a actor and wrestler since he wants to be an actor now days and all. An saying it now coming back to the W.W.E. would be good for him for sure players. An you know this man !


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G.F.W. needs the ladies and who better than Melina you dig you dig.

London and Kendrick

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O YES ! ReDrgaon vs London and Kendrick in R.O.H would be off the hook dog !

Sweet T

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Sweet T vs Rusev make it happen W.W.E.

Shelly Martinez

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Can't go wrong with a porn start that smokes the weed and can wrestle so pick her up G.F.W. or whoever because she is the bomb baby !

Stacy Keibler

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T.N.A. needs her as a KO.

Kevin Thorn

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Well if the G.F.W. was smart double J would be giving this guy a call today. #KeepFanginAndBangin

The Headbangers

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Since the W.W.E. tag team division is dead once again am saying The Headbangers as W.W.E. tag champs one more time !

Katarina Waters

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Look i know she is an actresses no a days but the G.F.W. needs her so call her up Double J because we got a champ on are hands.

Taylor Wilde

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She is only 28 years old but is already retired from wrestling and is a fire fighter now days but i say f that crap because it's N.X.T time sweetness. Next level diva ! ( An this list could on go on forever but that is all for today thank you thank you very much. )


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