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Now that is a lot of drugs use! ( view all on one page yo.)
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Hookers and Coke = Night in Jail

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"Man if only i would have did more drugs with her everything would have been a ok." Should of got the rocks instead of the lines bro.

Next time make your own meth.

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Well at least she isn't banging up the meth yet. Keep it up and she will.

The Rocky Mix.

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Ketamine + Cocaina + Heroin + Meth = The Rock Mix "You roll all that sh*t together into a ball but it in your pipe and smoke it for one hell of a speed ball" Don't get any ideas.

Drink Much !

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The more you drink the more the freak inside comes out to play.

Shooting Up Time

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Coke, the white horse, meth, pills, wiskey, you name it. Because if you can make turn it into a liquid you can turn it into a fix.

Magic Mushrooms

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This man has ate one to meany caps in his day. So his never coming back down to earth ever again. Thanks cow sh*t for growing this caps.


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O yeah baby smoking this sh*t will put your a*s in the f*cking Twilight Zone.

a LSD ride

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You Think you know it all on LSD but really you have know idea what the hell your doing at all. But it will make your mind race like a mother f*cker.

A fag of the Tobacco

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Start smoking cigatetttes young leads to sleeping with your older sister friends and dying young from the cancer sticks you can never stop smoking.

Come to the Light side.

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Smoking Herb is good for your mind, body, spirt and soul my friends. So if your going to do drugs just stick to smoking weed players. Because that sh*t will open your minds eye man.

Food can also be a drug.

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So go easy on it yo! An save some for the homeless.

O you all crack me up !

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Suck e Suck e 5$.

Sex can also be drug, so keep it clean.

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An so are them wild berries she ate. "i got the bees on me!"

O! F*CK This Sh*t.

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