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Your not going to like what i have to say. (view all on one page.)
Published June 16, 2012 940 views More Info »

Hey fix the damn dish am trying to watch that Octomom porno dang it!

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Fine i'll fix it myself! Some people these days i tell you what.

I would still tap dat ass so right!

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But man has Angelina Jolie really let her self go. Thats not Angelina Jolie its the Octomom A? then way does she have all them kids. She was science project. O well get me black out drunk and i will do her in the but (an i have a feeling that is loose as a goose to) . Because we all know that vajj is BEAT!

At least doing porno is still better than drinking pee for a living.

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Ok am going to get hard over here so this guy can post up my hard on online then am going to bust in your mouth before i pee in it ok sweet cheecks get ready for it!

if i know it was going to be like this kind of a party i would of stuck my dick in the mash potatoes!

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But i did spike the punk with LSD and i did take a shit in the yard and i also puked all over your bed. So alrighty then dogz am peacing out playerz. PEACE!

Don't be a fag about the party um k bro!

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Or am calling your big brother to come down here to give your monkey ass an Atomic Wedgie you dangez.

Your going to need it after last night.

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its very tight parking but it well make you feel good that you came. {;-O

Good thing i can't remeber shit for that night.

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No i don't but we can try agian. Am in room 69.

Crack me up.

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Or if you have any smack am gold with dat yo.