Things i dug up on old Mitt. (veiw all on one page.)
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This is Mitt Romney's spirtitual adviser.

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BOW DOWN TO 1010101010101010 for he is the Lord! ("The only reason way it "Mitt Romney" says it's Mormon it's because he was made in America.")

This is who blows him for milk money.

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An by the looks of it there are still a whole sh*t load of Blow Jobs still to cum ;-)

Mitt "The Dick" Romney back in college.

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Yep back before i went to Harvard i went the all boys college @ Johnson and Jails U out there on Butts Road in Hell Michigan where the trees are just the right size. Yep I loved him there i mean there, good times, good times. "Now where in the blue hell did that damn dog go?"

This is his half brother he dosn't know about yet.

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An this man is just like Mitt being that he doesn't have a job an all.So yeah hey Mitt my big bro like can i have like 500,000$ so i can get out of debt my man? Because i owe my X wife even more than owe the f*cking government and that all of it. "Just don't tell know i don't pay my taxes."

Mitt's first time was with me.

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"Am coming for you Ann Romney!" An o yeah where going to talk about love alright bitch. "i love you women!!!"

This is his Voting Demograhic.

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Stocking up for the hurricane a?

He Stil Thinks some is setting the chair doesn't he?

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"Lucky for me i put in a new chip with jokes on it to get me out of this awkward moment that crazy old man just made for me."

Mitt Romney 2012 bitches!

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VOTE OR DIE! Romney 2012 or what ever the F*CK year it is.


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