Running mates that would help Romney win the Presidency.

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Tom Cruise

Scientologists already control everything in the media. Plus he can stop any terrorist attack on his own.

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

The only person in the world that has a larger brow than Romney. Plus he can really relate with the Republican base.

Nicolas Cage

With Romney's lack of personality, Cage will be a perfect running mate to balance it out by going over the top with everything he does.

Rosie "The Robot" Jetson

Going the opposite direction from Cage, Rosie is the only thing in the world that makes Romney seem like he has a personality if he is paired with it. Also she could help with the women vote.

Sheldon Adelson

I mean come on this is a no brainer. Sheldon plans on donating 100 million dollars to Romney's campaign, he might as well get something out of it. Plus he runs casinos all over the world and if the American public can't trust a casino owner then who can they trust?