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some people
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You know what am sayin ! 

Take a trip with me.

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LSD is one hell of drug ! 


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Drink it in ladies. 


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Keep Drinkin kids ! 

Hey Buddy !

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if you like your nuts then keep them in your pants bud. 

Smoke WEED everyday !

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The herb is good for the mind body spirt and soul you all. 

True Story

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F*ck it feel her up like a bucket ! 

Hammer Time

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Hell i would slam her sober mates. 

She must be from Titsburgh

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Hey Hey big guys ;-)

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Cum on me ! An thats what he said ! He said ! 


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3 Ways all day !

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O ! O ! O ! YOU KNOW iT BROS  ! 

i didn't know Tequila had STD's in it ?

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An i myself enjoy licking them off the ladies };-O=

Make it 13.

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Can i watch ? 

What are friends for you know.

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Have fun waking up at my parents house. Hey i gots to get my dick wet some how ladies. 

Party all the time.

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Well at least she didn't have an abortion. See you in hell babe ! 

Love they Street Walkers

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There Cherry

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An am the Cherry popper. Now get some poppers and lets get it on ! 

Where just having fun.

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How much for a ride ? 

i drink these for a living

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Aka iron shitty beer because if you drink a 12 pack of these bad boys by yourself your going to get the beer shits like a city of champs. AKA best diet ever ! 

Sky High

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Pills for Thrills. 

Am on Drugs.

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Well i got drugs so get on me hiyo !  #RockHard 

Do it in the butt

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Put the skank on dem nuts ! 


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Talk about your wet dream. #WetDreamsCumTrue 

Every Weekend

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Fun fun fun. 

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