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Published May 16, 2012

"Hard at Work"

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One of these dang kids has to be 18 by now.

Them breast ant retarded.

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Cum in your dark side.

Hell they never went to school and look how cool they are.

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Working 9 to 5 trying not to get murdered. You got to look out for the quit ones.  

Fact anyone who looks like this can BS there way to top. Bimbo Power!

Sarah palin 5 original

She is like Medusa my man your dick will turn to stone if you look into here eyes.  More than meets the eye big tittyz.

Hey at least it pays for my drugs and a hotel for the night to do them in.

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Ride the white horse. STD free since 93.

Someone has to read the Teleprompter.

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On the + side they get to see all kinds of slongage when doing the locker room reportes. A ladies?

An for the love of God find this man a job!.

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 Old Killbe here has to be atleast 3 year deep in being an unemployed person. But that is what he get when you only play an asshole in every thing you ever been on/in. "These days The Daily Show and The Late Late Show don't look like half bad gigs to him anymore i bet. "

The LD class took a field trip to protest for animal right this year.

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Hell mybe one day you can deep fry that chicken you love so much for a living. At 8$ bucs an hour there Ricky retard O.

The Massa Parler is calling there name.

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Happy endings all a round ;-) "They love you long time." 

O! i got a job B!

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Blow it out your ass!

i didn't hear a word you said but i like you. i like you a lot!

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Can you show me how you use that thing on me Miss. Thang?