BBC is going to announce their new Dr. Who on Monday, after the departure of their star Matt Smith, who is leaving for other British acting pursuits such as being a villain in American movies, or getting killed off from... more »

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August 02, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch

  The obvious choice. Like Matt Smith, he's British, tall, pale, weird and gaunt. Most audiences won't even be able to tell the difference. In fact, are we sure they aren't the same person? 

Tilda Swinton

  Could also pass for Matt Smith/Benedict Cumberbatch.

James Bond

  Have the British considered this crossover? James Bond is HUGE there and he already wears a bowtie. He already looks debonair while fighting bad guys and solving mysteries. Wait, is that also what Sherlock Holmes does? I'm getting all these British shows confused. 

Pope Francis

  This guy is killing it right now. He's polling really well internationally and could widen the show's appeal to those allusive South American audiences. Plus he'd look adorable in a little corbata de moño. And his TARDIS? We add a fun glass bubble top to accomodate the Pope Hat.  

Scott Bakula

Look, I didn't want to have to be the one that pointed this out, but it's obvious that Dr. Who was loosely based on Scott's 80's TV hit "Quantum Leap". Just give the guy the job already. 

Mr. Bean

  Not a doctor, but still British royalty. Of course, this would take the series in a new direction, but who wouldn't love to see Bean dismantling the Master's TARDIS by accident while nibbling on a scone? And what if the TARDIS was a small 3-wheeled French car? Hilarity ensues. 

Daniel Day-Lewis

  The man is an acting genius. It just makes sense for him to play the TARDIS. Now, back to casting the doctor...

Cindy Lou Who

  It's a prequel series - stay with me on this - and we see her go through medical school to become Dr. Who. No? Well, upside is she's a cartoon so she can't quit the franchise.

Dr. Drew

Hey, his name rhymes, so why not.... no, you're right. Fuck this guy. Never put him on TV again.