The election is almost here, but what are the headlines going to say when it's all over? Fox, MSNBC, Huffington Post... no matter who wins, Obama or Romney, we've got their post-election headlines right here!
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Published November 05, 2012

Fox News: Romney Wins

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Fox News: Obama Wins

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MSNBC: Romney Wins

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MSNBC: Obama Wins

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Huffington Post: Romney Wins

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Huffington Post: Obama Wins

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Aint It Cool News: Romney Wins

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Aint It Cool News: Obama Wins

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Pitchfork: Romney Wins

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Pitchfork: Obama Wins

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Martha Stewart Living: Romney Wins

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Martha Stewart Living: Obama Wins

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Deadline Hollywood: Romney Wins

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Deadline Hollywood: Obama Wins

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CNN: Romney Wins

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CNN: Obama Wins

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