It has been nearly 100 years (Taft, in 1913) since the president has had facial hair. Its time Obama changes that policy.
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Published October 28, 2011

Barack Obama: The Original

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Perfectly acceptable.

Barack Obama: Classic Stache

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He would have done well in the '70s.

Barack Obama: Spanish Sword Fighter

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Barack stars in Puss in Boots 2, next summer.

Barack Obama: Hulkamania Edition

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His policies full support all federal funding to the NWO.

Barack Obama: Omish

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I love and hate the idea of an Amish president.

Barack Obama: 5 o'clock shadow

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Barack Obama: Wise Old Man, Probably Filipino

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Talking about how to plant the best kind of snap peas or something.

Barack Obama: Silly

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I wish I was Malia or Sasha to see him wake me up like this on Sunday mornings. 

Barack Obama: DANGER ZONE

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I wish he left the State of The Union like this. Preferably dropping the mic first.

Barack Obama: Creeper

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He has access to all information ever recorded. Including those pictures you sent you your ex-boyfriend. He has those. And he loves them.

Barack Obama: Jam Band / Savior

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Not pictured: wearing birkenstocks. 

Barack Obama: CRAZY PERSON

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Winner of every beard competition, and someone you can never take outside. 

Barack Obama: BRO

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Chinstrap BROBAMA totally just stole your girl. ROBBERY!!!!!!!!!

Barack Obama: Soul and/or Creeper

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Either he plays Spanish guitar-- which is totally acceptable. Or, he is starring at you from across the club in a matching sweat suit with a gold chain on his chest. 

Barack Obama: ART

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Shepard Fairey has outdone himself.